Happy Knitting faces of Rochak Handknit

We Manufacture Beautiful Handknitted Products.

We are a team of experienced local women knitters making beautiful hand knitted products using Merino, Mohair, Cotton. We are more than 100 home based women hand knitters who balances between daily household chores and handknitting skills to make hand made products.

Our Works

We Work with all kinds of Hand workmanship

Hand Knitting

Women hand knitting with wool at Rochak Handknit Craft

Using two or more knitting Needles to make garment.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery on handknitted frame

Using sewing needles & multi color yarns to embellish on finished garments.

Hand Crochet

Women hand crochet cotton hat

Using hooked Needles to interlock yarns making textured garments.

What Guides us Everyday

More than half the household women in our society feel left out for just being a housewife. We want to empower these women with traditional skill of hand knitting helping them to be empowered so that they can Create, Learn & Earn, positioning themselves to explore their potential.


Renewable resources like RWS wool, BCI cotton, natural hemp, nettle are used.

Mix of different techniques

Products can be made with mix of different materials & techniques.

Bespoke to your Design

Made specifically to your designs.

Pattern sweater made by women at Rochak Handknit craft

Hand Made in Nepal

All of the products are made by local women.

Hand knitting Skills

Made using traditional Handknitting Skills

Made with Love

Each of the items are thoroughly cared & made with love.

We want to make Manufacturing in Nepal Efficient

Manufacturing in Nepal can be challenging and even more challenging when its Hand made. We want to make hand knitting manufacturing as efficient and effective as possible. We thoroughly study the customers requirement and regularly organize training program.

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hand knitted accessories made by Womens knitter at Rochak handknit Craft

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