Earnest Payment

The earnest payment serves as a financial commitment from the customer, indicating serious intent to proceed with the business transaction. It helps mitigate the risks associated with reservations of time, resources, or production costs for the small business like ours.

How we came to request Earnest payment

We encounter several instances where customers request custom samples based on their designs, and after we create the goods, the customer becomes unresponsive, does not provide feedback, or expresses dissatisfaction, ultimately refusing to proceed with payment.

Our Current policy on Earnest payment

Currently, we request for a $100 earnest deposit to secure commitment. This deposit facilitates the procurement of raw materials, the finalization of pattern and design choices, the meticulous handcrafting of goods, and the subsequent shipment of the finished products. In the event of dissatisfaction or if no iteration is requested, any surplus amount remaining from the sample creation is promptly refunded to the customer.

How it works

We receive 100 USD as earnest payment

A typical example would be as follows

Sample charge = 40 USD.

Shipping = 40 USD

100 – 40 – 40 = 20.

20 USD will be refunded back if not decided to work further. If decided to work further, 20 USD will be on hold and will request another 80 USD if you need to make another sample.

Incase where the sample + shipping cost is higher than 100 USD, we will request additional amount before shipping them.

Sample Surcharge

We need to allocate additional time to generate a sample from a pattern or image. There may be several adjustments needed from your end, requiring multiple iterations to achieve the desired result. At present, we are only inquiring about the final factory sample price and not requesting any additional sample surcharge. If we deem, there is no bulk order we would request +1 of sample price as sample surcharge.