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Founded in 1996 and registered with the Nepal government under ‘small & cottage industries’, Rochak Hand knit Craft is a dedicated organization that has been providing high-quality hand knitted goods made from natural fibers for over 25 years.

Led by proprietor Mrs. Rukmani Devi Shrestha and her husband Rajendra Man Shrestha, the company has a talented team of experienced women artisans who craft unique and beautiful hand-made products with a distinct feel compared to their industrial counterparts.

With a mission to accelerate the world towards a sustainable ecosystem, Rochak Hand Knit Craft is committed to providing quality hand-knitted and crocheted products that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Our mission is to make quality handknitted & Crocheted products; accelerating the world towards sustainable ecosystem.

At Rochak Hand Knit Craft, they believe that each hand-knitted product is unique and offers a completely distinct feel compared to its industrial counterparts. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and expertise, the organization is committed to providing the highest level of hand-knitted goods that meet the needs and expectations of customers. Whether you’re looking for handmade products for your home, a special gift for a loved one, or simply want to support a sustainable and ethical organization, Rochak Hand Knit Craft is the perfect choice.

hand knitted accessories made by Womens knitter at Rochak handknit Craft

The journey of Rochak Hand Knit Craft began with Mrs. Rukmani Devi Shrestha’s passion for hand knitting. With a desire to bring together local women who shared her interest, she formed a group and worked for a number of years as individuals and then as a team. The organization’s dedication to hand-knitting eventually led to the creation and sale of hand-knitted goods to local shops, manufacturers, and even internationally. Today, Rochak Hand Knit Craft is known as one of the oldest and most trustworthy hand-knitting manufacturers, employing 4 regular staff members and over 200 household knitters who work together to bring high-quality products to customers.

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