Giving Back to Society

Our organization is firmly rooted to the people & resources that surrounds our community. We are only able to achieve our results through continuous support from our locality. All of our workforce are ladies from our local surrounding.

We want to provide winter apparels to those who require warm clothing especially in chill cold winter. We usually knit handwarmers and hats in our free time with our available resources and stock them for helping those in needs.

So if you think you or anyone who would require handknitted wool hats & handwarmers, we will be happy to provide you with necessary qty.  Please note we are only limited to the stock we have.

Let us know if you think somebody/someplace require warm woolen items.

This is the form in which people can let us know if we are able to donate them goods.
  • If possible, please include the qty & type of items that you think is required along with your reason.
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