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Different Thickiness of Wool yarn - Rochak Handknit

Finding Hand knitting Yarn – WOOL in Kathmandu

May 10, 2021

Hand knitting requires thicker yarn than the machine knitting yarn and finding one in Kathmandu can be very challenging. We have listed few things to note while searching for hand knitting yarn. For our hand knitting production, we mainly depend upon local market for almost all the raw materials & wool is no exception. Frankly, there aren’t so many varieties of wool we can find in the market. High quality soft wool are difficult to find, even if we find it is comparatively expensive or on limited stock. All the details in this article is based on our experience with the local market around us. This article just explains about the wool yarn, for cotton and other yarns there would be another article. We usually purchase only the un-dyed yarns so that we are able to dye them to our specific colors. Most of the time the yarn goes to…

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manufacturing Process of Handknitted Hat - Rochak Handknit

Manufacturing Process of a Hand knitted Hat

November 30, 2020

Below is a hand knitted hat we are discussing about. We will try to explain the manufacturing process of a Hand knitted hat production. The hat measures 55cm round circumference in width and 20cm in height. The hat is made of 100% wool, has a mixed color pompom, includes colorful embroidery and lined with polar fleece, weighting around 70gms. Once we receive the order on a handknitting hat, we go through following steps Prepare the raw materials Prepare couple of in-house prototype Training to Knitters Prepare Embellishment Weekly Audit Lining Packing 1. Prepare the Raw Materials The first manufacturing process is preparation of main raw materials. The raw materials in this case is wool yarn for knitting & pom and polyester fabric for lining. The yarn is 100% wool that is NM 1/2 of 28 micron wool. The hanks of wool is sourced from local supplier and is sent to…

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Updated logo & domain of Rochak handknit

Changes to Rochak Handknit Logo and Domain

September 3, 2020

We have made few changes to the branding of Rochak Handknit. The changes includes updated shorter domain and more expressive logo. We have updated our logo It has been long time we have updated our logo. Before it was a knitted work with RHK letter on top. Now its a women knitting with a smile. We believe this new logo reflects more on what we are. Kudos to Ngodup Dorjee of V3Creation.com  for his work on the logo. I have always admired his work & his effort he puts to make amazing designs. We have also moved to a new domain RochakHandknit.com. The old domain was long one and also included dash (-) which makes handknit sounds like completely unrelated words. We want to make it easier to pronounce in one word. It has also been difficult to relay our website to others as most of them comprehend it as Rochak…

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International Women’s day 2019

March 8, 2019

Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day 2019. It has been a wonderful experience to be able to wish these to others, as we see the power of women changing the world. Started by a individual women 23 years before, today our organization have grown to be able to work with more than 200 skilled women who everyday works their magic with their knitting skills & experience. We would like to express our sincere gratidue  to all the wonderful women who work with us and all our customers(btw all women), that have been so kind & hard working.

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Providing training to Blind people at Sparsha Project

Hand knitting Training for Differently Able

April 21, 2018

We were approached by good people from Gwahali for providing hand knitting skill development at their facility for their “Sparsha(Touch), the Knitting Project“.  This was a greatly unique experience for us having a hand knitting training to ones who not able to see. We felt this was a challenge and even had doubt on the project completion. And we were proved so wrong.The wiliness & desire to learn a new skill of the participants was so strong that we were thrilled to be with them. Everyday we were so amazed by the questions they asked, things they felt, new methods they learned and the way they applied it. Seeing this happening was truly inspiring for us. We can confirm that the knitted products they made was par with other knitters we work with. At the end of the training period we were very proud of what they have completed & achieved.…

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Women at work - Rochak Handknit Craft

International Women Day 2018

March 9, 2018

Its International women day today(8 March 2018). And the day is more significant to us here at Rochak Handknit Craft. Our organization is fueled by works of talented women. Our staff members (who BTW are all women), all our women knitters throughout different part of Kathmandu locality, our inspirational proprietor  Ms. Rukmani Devi Shrestha, even companies we work overseas are women led, who all have set extraordinary examples in the society. We could not be more happy to celebrate & recognize the skills, hard work & integrity of these wonderful women who have continued doing amazing work  through all these years. We wish a Happy International Women Day 2018.

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