Hand knitting Training for Differently Able

We were approached by good people from Gwahali for providing hand knitting skill development at their facility for their “Sparsha(Touch), the Knitting Project“.  This was a greatly unique experience for us having a hand knitting training to ones who not able to see. We felt this was a challenge and even had doubt on the project completion. And we were proved so wrong.
The wiliness & desire to learn a new skill of the participants was so strong that we were thrilled to be with them. Everyday we were so amazed by the questions they asked, things they felt, new methods they learned and the way they applied it. Seeing this happening was truly inspiring for us. We can confirm that the knitted products they made was par with other knitters we work with. At the end of the training period we were very proud of what they have completed & achieved. We definitely felt that they are differently able person.

Location: Jamal, Beside Nachghar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Date: 26 December, 2015

Sparsha is the project to make woman with disability economically independent. We initiated the project with a very…

Geplaatst door Gwahali op Zondag 27 december 2015

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