• Hand knitted Gloves, Mittens and its Manufacturing

    Welcome to our cozy corner in Kathmandu, Nepal, where the art of wool hand knitting transforms into a tapestry of skill and tradition. Here, each pair of hand knitted gloves and mittens is more than just a winter accessory; they are a testament to a timeless craft. Hand-knitted with care from the finest wool, our…

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  • Hand knitted Headgears – Hats, Beanie, Headbands from Nepal

    The essential hand knitted headgear, a cherished item in our wardrobe, holds a tapestry of tales dating back to our ancestors. The transition from loom wraps to needle hand knitting, and then to the automated knitting machines of today, paints a vivid picture of evolution. However, at Rochak Handknit Craft, we choose to tip our…

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  • Stitched with Heritage: The Charm of Handknit Sweaters from Nepal

    The humble sweater, a staple in everyone’s wardrobe has a history of age ancestors to the snazzy designs we flaunt today, the sweater’s journey is like a fashion runway through time. Sweaters were made from loom wraps, needle hand knitting, semi hand/machine knitting and automatic knitting machines as of today. Though todays technology in machine…

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